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Mobile Home Transportation, Installation, Re-leveling, and Inspection in Le Flore County, OK.

M4 Mobile Home Services

Whether you need a new or old mobile home transported from one location to another, or a mobile home installed, re-leveled or simply inspected, M4 Mobile Home Services of Oklahoma is here to help. Using state-of-the-art equipment and years of professional experience, our team of seasoned experts will take care of your mobile home needs in Le Flore County, Oklahoma.

Our Services

Mobile Home Transportation

No matter the circumstances, if you need a mobile home transported from one location to another, nobody does it better than we do! Give us a call at (918) 647-7120 for all your mobile/manufactured home transportation needs!

Mobile Home Installation

After delivering your mobile home to a location of your choosing, we’ll set it on blocks, tie it down, and, if necessary, trim it out for you. If you’re looking for licensed mobile home installer in Le Flore County, look no further than M4 Mobile Home Services!

Mobile Home Re-leveling

Over time, it’s common for mobile homes to become unlevel, mostly due to moisture beneath the home. An unlevel home may be putting unnecessary stress on your home. We’ll eliminate this undue stress on your home and give you peace of mind!

Mobile Home Inspection

As a licensed mobile home installer, we know what to look for and know what problems need to be addressed. Whether you’re planning on purchasing a mobile home or need your current mobile home inspected, call M4 today for a professional inspection!

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State-of-the-Art Equipment

The House-Tug

Aside from our expertise, The House-Tug is the most powerful weapon in our arsenal. This bad baby is entirely remote controlled and was specifically designed to navigate rough terrain including mud and steep inclines.


Another awesome tool we use is the Platypus. This state-of-the-art piece of equipment is perfect for lifting and makes joining the two halves of a modular or doublewide home a breeze, without the need for jacking!

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